ReSound has now completed its Omnia range of hearing aids which includes custom-made and behind-the-ear options.

They include all the features this range has to offer and are an ideal choice if you have an active lifestyle and socialise often.

These hearing aids come in a range of  colours and offer Bluetooth connectivity  and new hands-free calling on Apple devices. There are two battery-powered models and a range of rechargeable options, giving you 30 hours of power on one single charge.

ReSound Omnia is powered by Organic Hearing so you have a hearing aid  that feels natural and preserves the natural sound of your own voice with improved hearing in the most challenging background noise.

The improved Ultra Focus feature gives you the ability to focus on who you are talking to with more clarity than potentially other hearing aid brands. Along with the ReSound app you can gain full control of sound direction and use an array of settings to enhance your listening experience in restaurants or to adjust such things as music.

Some of the key features include:

Best speech understanding in noise
Hearing clarity all around you
Natural own voice
Comfortable on the ear
30 hours of use on one charge for a full day’s worth of power
Check My Fit feature
Clear phone calls
Hands-free calls for iPhone

If you would like to try the new ReSound Omnia range for yourself, call us on 0800 028 6179 to arrange an appointment with your audiologist or email