Have you been frustrated by trying to use the loop system in public buildings?

Or do you need to hear better in churches, theatres, cinemas etc, but find your hearing aid on its own doesn’t quite do the job?

Then there is some new technology that may be the answer that you are looking for. 

Competing signals

Auracast is an innovative technology that is not just for hearing aid users. It is a new way of broadcasting sound into a range of enabled devices such as iPods and other types of wireless headphones, as well as suitably enabled hearing aids. 

The hearing aid telecoil was designed more than 80 years ago, at a time when the airwaves were not so full of competing signals. As well as needing a lot of work to install, loop systems are intended only for the use of the hearing impaired. There are cost barriers installing something that only benefits a relatively limited section of the population. 

Auracast will open a full range of new possibilities for listening in public spaces and not just for the hearing impaired.

Enhanced audio experience

As well as benefiting from better sound quality from public performances, railway stations and other transport hubs will be able to broadcast messages directly into earphones and hearing aids.

Public locations that support simultaneous translation services will be able to provide an enhanced audio experience. Galleries and exhibitions will be able to provide audio commentary for those who need it.


For the hearing impaired, there is the added benefit that the commentary will benefit from the sound processing of the hearing aid and so will be optimised for individual hearing needs.

Everything will work automatically, so if you have Auracast enabled on your device, it will be a seamless experience. 

Auracast is not just a telecoil replacement, it is 21st century connectivity for everyone. 

You can find out more at the Auracast website here.