Our managing director Mark Scutchings and audiologist Hannah Harris took part in an ENT and audiology event. One Ashford Hospital organised it for family doctors and other medical professionals.

Our role was to give an update on current and future hearing aid technology so that front-line medical professionals could have more informed conversations with their patients when discussing hearing aids and hearing loss.

With so many demands  it is often difficult for clinicians to find the time to keep up to date with developments in audiology. An opportunity for us to speak to the group face-face and give a focused update on the latest technology was too good to miss.

Future trends

Mark Scutchings

As well as talking about present and future trends in hearing technology, we also explained the differences between NHS and private technology.

Even as NHS hearing aids evolve and improve, private hearing aid options are still out in front, both in terms of technology and the way in which private audiology allows the time to fully understand patient needs.

This means complex digital hearing aids can be set up so that the user can effortlessly get the best from even the most sophisticated hearing technology.


Hannah Harris

We talked about developments in background noise reduction, directional hearing and automatically connecting hearing aids to telephones to allow improved communication and wirelessly linking to TV for relaxed and effortless enjoyment of television programmes.

As well as talking about current technology, we gave everyone a look into the future and talked about some of the developments that we expect to see in the next 12 months. You can read more about some of these developments here.

We hope to repeat this type of information event over the coming months so that we can make sure everyone understands that hearing aids are sophisticated miniature computers that can significantly improve the quality of life for all individuals suffering from healing loss.