Over the past few years there has been a lot of information published online about hearing aids and hearing loss.

In theory, it should be easy to find out everything you want to know about the subject. Unfortunately, as the quality of the material out there is very variable you can end up more confused that when you started.

If you are interested in finding out more about hearing loss, here are a few quality web resources to get you started.

Oticon – What is hearing loss?

The Oticon website is a good starting point. It has a good general introduction to understanding the underlying causes of hearing loss and the various treatments available.

Read the article.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic is one of the world’s leading healthcare organisations. While this site has an American focus, it digs a little more deeply into the subject of hearing loss, while being patient-focused and an easy read. Take a look here.

Age UK

If you want a more UK-focused view of hearing loss, the Age UK website has lots of useful information about NHS and private services. Find out more.

National Acoustical Laboratory of Australia

The NAL website has a bit more of a professional focus. But if you are interested in finding out about the latest research in hearing-related issues, this is a well-designed and accessible resource. Take a look here.


If you want to do more research, the Wikipedia hearing loss page is a good starting point for finding useful links and information. Find out more here.

Of course, the Hearbase website provides lots of information about our staff, locations and services and we try to keep it up to date with useful information via our blog. Read more.