Many people are familiar with the sensation of ringing in the ears – or tinnitus.

But the sounds experienced by tinnitus sufferers can be very different. The sound might be buzzing, whooshing or humming and these sounds can also vary in pitch.

Some people experience tinnitus that seems like a familiar tune or song, while some people find tinnitus is like a beating rhythm which is in time with their heartbeat, known as pulsatile tinnitus.

Help and support

About 10% of adults, that’s six million people in the UK, have persistent tinnitus that affects their lives. Furthermore, up to 70% of people aged over 70 suffer from the condition.

Because of this the hearing charity Hi Kent offers help and support to tinnitus sufferers.

The charity said: “We have a lot of dealings with people with hearing loss. A few years ago, we noticed Hi Kent was seeing increasing numbers of people suffering from tinnitus due to the link between tinnitus and hearing loss.

Coping strategies

“We realised it was a real issue which was having a dramatic effect on people’s lives, so we set out to find ways to help.”

One of the ways Hi Kent is helping is by holding tinnitus support groups which are places to share coping strategies and get mutual support. Sometimes they include a guest speaker who will talk about a particular topic.

Hi Kent said: “We have had lots of different speakers who have covered a wide range of different topics over the years, such as the medical progress of tinnitus treatment, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and audiology hypnotherapy.

Free meetings

“These give people different methods they can try in order to get relief. Naturally, individual people find out which of these techniques work best for them.

“Our meetings are free to attend and are held in Maidstone, Canterbury, Dover and Orpington. To register your attendance, please contact us at

Once a month, on the first Wednesday in the month, from 7pm-8pm, Hi Kent holds tinnitus support meetings by Zoom.

In person meetings so far arranged for 2024 are:
Canterbury: 46 Northgate, Canterbury CT1 1BE, 2pm-4pm, Friday January 26.
Dover: Whitfield Sports Pavilion, Cranleigh Drive, Whitfield, Dover, CT16 3NW, 2pm-4pm, Friday February 2.
Maidstone: Hi Kent, 18 Brewer Street, Maidstone ME14 1RU, 2pm-4pm Friday, February 9.
Orpington: Community Room, Orpington Fire Station, Avalon Road, BR6 9AX, 2pm-4pm Tuesday, March 4.

We offer tinnitus support

We also offer help and support for those with tinnitus. Our senior audiologist Fiona Idriss is specially trained in tinnitus and will work with you to develop techniques that can help ease your symptoms and provide you with advice, support and friendly guidance.

We take a collaborative approach, helping you to find your own solutions and manage your tinnitus in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Find out more here.