If you know a friend or family member who needs their hearing checked, but is not quite ready to make an appointment to see any audiologist, we now have an online screening tool. This will let you do a self-test of your hearing to get an idea of your hearing level. 

Of course, a simple online test is no substitute for a consultation with one of our audiologists and a full hearing test conducted in a specially controlled environment, but it can be enough to allow you to find out if your hearing is up to scratch, or if you need to arrange to have it checked professionally. 

 So, if you know someone who is making excuses for their poor hearing, saying things such as “people don’t speak clearly anymore” or “I didn’t hear you because I wasn’t paying attention”, then send them to the online hearing test page on our website.

You can find it here and if the result shows that they have a significant hearing loss then tell them it’s time to have their hearing assessed by a professional.