Remember, Remember the 5th of November is how the rhyme goes.

But as the day approaches it is important to remember that fireworks can cause hearing damage.

But you can avoid the risks by just taking some easy precautions to protect your hearing.

We’ve put together some tips so you can enjoy Guy Fawkes Night safely.

Organised display

1 Adults should be at least 20 metres away from fireworks and children should be kept at a minimum distance of 60 metres.

2 Visit an organised display where you can stay at a safe distance from the fireworks. The further away you are, the more your hearing will be protected.

3 Infants should not be exposed to the loud sounds of fireworks, as lasting hearing damage can occur.

Remember your pets

4 Wear earplugs to protect against hearing loss. Filtered ear plugs will reduce the high and potentially harmful noise levels while making sure that you can still enjoy the sounds.

5 1.  Remember your pets! Cats and dogs have far more sensitive hearing than us humans, so make sure they are kept indoors and are not left alone.

In the UK the legal noise limit is 120dB for fireworks, but this is 35dB above the level at which hearing damage can occur. The risk to your hearing depends on how long your ears are exposed to the loud noise. At a level of 120dB it only takes seconds to risk permanent damage.

Avoid risks

If your ears and hearing are not protected damage can include hearing loss and tinnitus. We therefore need to protect our ears from over-exposure to noise otherwise the consequences can be life changing. The best approach to avoid risks to your hearing is to wear some good earplugs.

In addition to making sure you don’t stand near fireworks , make sure you don’t stand near speaker systems, music amplifiers and other sources of loud noise. Keep your distance.

If you find yourself close to a very loud noise source (120dB or above), without ear protection, plug your ears with your fingers and move away.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy a safe Bonfire Night celebration.