Two Hearbase audiologists are heading to Portugal to train students in wax removal.

Sandra Rodrigues

The training will take place at Escola Superior de Tecnologia da Saúde de Coimbra, which is one of the two universities in Portugal that offer bachelor degrees in audiology.

Sandra Rodrigues and Joana Carvalho, who are both originally from Portugal, will deliver some of the training remotely over the internet, focusing on the theoretical background and safety aspects of developing a wax removal service.

Currently, wax removal by micro-suction is the exclusive preserve of doctors in Portugal, but in line with emerging practice across the world audiologists are expanding their area of practice and becoming involved.

Joana Carvalho

There will also be some face-to-face sessions with live patients, where Sandra and Joana will travel to the university in Coimbra to give practical demonstration of the safe techniques of wax removal and give the students their first opportunity to carry out wax removal themselves under the supervision of the Hearbase experts.

The training that Hearbase will be delivering will be an important first step in bringing Portugal into line with the UK and some other countries across the world where wax removal is routinely available on the High Street.