Starkey Genesis AI: Incorporating the new Starkey Neuro Processor – A processor with a mind of its own.

Starkey has launched a completely new product range – the Starkey Genesis AI.

These hearing aids are available in three levels of technology.  Genesis AI Premium 24, Genesis AI Advanced 20 and the Genesis AI Select 16, all in the full range of styles, including custom-in the-ear and behind the ear, power versions.

The brains of every hearing aid

The new Starkey Neuro Processor is the industry’s most advanced chip technology. It allows unprecedented battery life of up to 42hours on a single charge.

The processor is the brains of every hearing aid and no processor is smaller or more powerful than the all-new Starkey Neuro Processor. It’s the industry’s most advanced processor technology, with a unique on-board Deep Neural Network accelerator engine that mimics the cerebral cortex of the human brain.

Artificial intelligence

Utilising complex pattern recognition with advanced machine learning technology, it adapts to more listening situations. This new technology incorporates ear-to-ear technology where the two hearing aids communicate with each other to give the maximum quality in noisy environments.

Coupled with artificial intelligence technology that lets you optimise sound quality on-demand for either clearer speech or improved listening comfort, there are also five types of noise reduction technology:

Machine noise reduction
Speech in Noise Reduction
Transient Noise Reduction
Wind Reduction
Adaptive Dynamic Noise Reduction

Neuro Sound Technology enables wearers to hear soft sounds without noise, distinguish words and speech more intuitively, and significantly reduce their listening effort.

Maximum simplicity

This new range of hearing aids works with a range of equipment, including:

StarLink Custom Charger 2.0

Operates as both a charging station and carrying case. LEDs inside indicate charging status of the hearing aids. Magnetic posts provide easy hearing aid placement.

Table microphone

Enhances listening in group settings such as meetings, family gatherings or noisy restaurant environments. Place it in the centre of a table and the eight built-in microphones will home in to the primary speaker’s voice and stream it directly to the Genesis AI hearing aids.

TV streamer

Streams audio directly from TVs or other electronic audio source directly to Genesis AI hearing aids. Easy to use and supports both analog and digital input sources.

Remote Control 2.0

Redesigned for maximum simplicity. Lets users easily control volume, change programmes and quickly access a favourite feature.

To find out more about the Starkey Al ring us to arrange an appointment with your audiologist to discuss which option would be best suited to your hearing and lifestyle needs.

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