The appearance and design of traditional hearing aids is often reported as one of the main reasons for low hearing aid adoption.

Phonak Slim redefines hearing aid design. With its elegant form it is made to perfectly embody your lifestyle and confidence. And 60% of people say that Phonak Slim would make them feel more confident wearing hearing aids. 

Phonak Slim offers uncompromised performance in a sleek and appealing design, enabling you to hear and to be seen when and how you want to.

With Phonak SmartSpeech™ technology, Phonak Slim hearing aids provide features to improve speech understanding while boosting your confidence with its unique look and feel.

Sleek and smart technology

Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology is a collection of features that AutoSense OS™ 5.0 seamlessly adapts, each feature proven to provide either improved speech understanding or reduced listening effort in many listening environments.

This technology not only highlights Phonak’s dedication to providing the best possible solution for speech understanding but benefits your well-being as it has been shown from scientific literature to reduce listening effort that can free up cognitive resources. 

You can boost speech understanding in noise and over distance with Roger™ microphones. Combining Phonak Slim and Roger On provides a unique solution to fully participate in conversations. By improving speech understanding in group conversations, Roger On allows you to be you, wherever you are. 

Charger options

The Phonak Slim charger is a compact charger with a sleek appearance that perfectly complements the Phonak Slim, charging the hearing aids in just three hours to offer a full day of hearing. 

Charges Phonak Slim in just three hours 
Conveniently shaped with a solid stance 
Easy to clean; easy to carry 
Optimised charging and usability

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