Local independent providers are rated most highly by customers, with an impressive overall customer score of 85%.

According to Which magazine, some high street chains score as low as 67%, roof that independent hearing aid providers such as Hearbase are the best option for quality service.

Local independent providers scored best for waiting times, staff Skill, facilities, hearing aid suitability, hearing aid comfort and aftercare.

Trusted retailer

The report says: “It’s crucial to choose a trusted retailer to maximise your chances of getting the right hearing aids for you.

:The difference between a good and a bad option isn’t usually the aid itself,. It’s the fit and service given by the provider that matters more.”

The report goes on to compare NHS and private services and private services win out in just about every category. This is a reflection of the greater range of products available and the greater amount of time that can be devoted, together with the personalised private provision offers

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You can read the Which report here.

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