Since the Covid lockdown wax removal services have moved away from GP practices. More and more earwax removal is carried out by a broad range of settings on the high street and elsewhere. 

We have seen a sizeable increase in the demand for wax services over the past few years and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of a slowdown in demand. 

There are quite a range of views as to whether moving this service away from hard-pressed GP practices is a good or a bad thing. But it is a reality that everyone is having to get used to. 

Suitably qualified

Because this shift has happened so quickly, the rules and regulations around wax removal have not kept up. Many professionals have expressed concern that the service is largely unregulated. 

No doubt, over the coming months and years, this will change as wax removal is brought into line with other clinical services. For the time being, if you are considering wax removal on the high street you need to satisfy yourself that the procedure is being carried out by a suitably qualified practitioner in a proper environment. 

Safe and reliable

As an accredited healthcare provider working in private and NHS hospitals and clinics across Kent, Hearbase has all the proper controls in place to ensure that you receive professional care in suitable clinical settings.

Our wax removal services are delivered by suitably experienced audiologists or suitably qualified practitioners in our clinics across Kent.

This is why, with certain exceptions, we do not offer a home visit service for wax removal. You can rely on Hearbase for a safe and reliable service at each of our clinics. You can find more information here.