An interview with Rachel Harrison, ear care technician at our clinics in Margate, Deal and Canterbury Medical Practice.

On arrival for your appointment at one of our lovely clinics I will warmly welcome you and introduce myself. A prompt arrival for your appointment is appreciated and keeps our clinics running on time.

Firstly, I will check with you that olive oil (pharmaceutical olive oil spray or drops, not cooking and certainly not heated up) has been applied to your ears at least three to five days before arriving for your appointment.

Applying olive oil to the ear will soften any hard wax that has formed in the ear canal and will help with the extraction of the wax.

Rachel Harrison

Questions will be asked so we can understand the general health of your ears and gain medical knowledge and consent, so that we can safely continue with your procedure. All information gathered would not be shared with third parties but with permission we may need to share information with your GP.

Our ear care technicians at Hearbase are accredited in ear care and cleaning. We use three methods to remove excessive earwax.

Once I have assessed both ear canals using a hand-held otoscope, which enables me to look inside the ear canal safely, the best method will be chosen for your procedure. You should not feel any discomfort or pain. All PPE, protective clothing and masks are used throughout our clinics. We ask all our wax removal patients to continue to wear masks for their appointments for the safety of our staff.

The three methods we use

1 Micro-suction: The removal of wax using a small suction tube and a fine suction end to gently remove any excess wax from your ears. This is safe, quick and effective.

2 Water irrigation: This involves pushing water through the ear canal to flush out any wax. My patients have said it is very satisfying!

3 Manual Tools:  We use this method to remove wax from the entrance of the ear canal and to remove any debris that may be in the way to help perform a smooth wax removal procedure.

Once the wax has been removed from the ear canal, a small health check will be performed on both ears, so we can advise you of the best aftercare possible, as well as caring for your ears at home and in the future.

If no wax is found a payment will still need to be made due to our expertise, time and health check carried out on the ear.

If, for any reason, the procedure cannot go ahead and you need further investigation, then our ear care technicians will refer you to your GP.

Call 0800 028 6179 or email to book an appointment today.

Our ear wax removal services are available from the following clinics:

Ashford – ear care clinic every Wednesday and Friday at Evegate Business Park
Bromley – ear care clinic every Wednesday and selected Mondays at our high street Bromley branch
Bexleyheath – ear care clinic every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at our high street Bexleyheath branch
Canterbury – ear care clinic every Thursday and Friday at Canterbury Medical Practice
Deal – ear care clinic every Tuesday and selected Thursdays at our high street Deal branch
Dover – ear care clinic every Tuesday at the Dover White Cliffs Surgery
Folkestone – ear care clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at our high street Folkestone branch
Margate – ear care clinic every Monday at the Spencer Margate Private Hospital
Northfleet/Gravesend – ear care clinic every Tuesday at Springhead Health Centre.

Call 0800 028 6179 or email to book an appointment today